Instructions: This application applies to situations in which (1) a WOU-affiliated researcher is engaged in collaborative research with parties from another institution and (2) the other institution's IRB will serve as the IRB-of-record for the project (i.e., as the sIRB). In these cases, the PIs should do the following:

1. The PIs should first submit to the sIRB at the collaborating institution, following that institution’s typical policies and procedures for IRB review.

2. After approval from the collaborating IRB but prior to engaging in the collaborative research project, the WOU-affiliated PIs must complete this application form and submit:

     -     A cover letter requesting that the WOU IRB maintain reciprocity with the collaborating IRB

     -     An IAA form (WOU to cede review) identifying the collaborating institution

     -     IIA forms for all non-WOU-affiliated PIs on the project

     -     Copies of project materials that will be administered by WOU-affiliated PIs and/or to WOU-affiliated participants

     -     A copy of the official approval letter from the collaborating IRB

These submissions will be routed directly to the WOU IRB Chair or designee for immediate review, any clarifications will be communicated to the submitting PI, and if no clarifications or modifications are required, the submitting PI will be notified and provided with official documentation upon approval.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.